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Esta fotógrafa se dedica a hacer tiernos retratos de roedores

Y no vas a poder creer lo bellas que son las fotos

09 de abril de 2020 06:00 pm


Pocas personas podrían decir que les gustan las ratas. De hecho a lo largo de la historia los roedores siempre son puestos como una plaga que afecta al hombre. Pero la fotógrafa canadiense, Diane Özdamar, piensa totalmente lo contrario e incluso confiesa que estos animales le fascinan.

Como una manera de cambiar la percepción que la mayoría de la gente tiene de los roedores, esta mujer se ha dedicado a fotografiarlos desde hace por lo menos un par de años.


Su portafolio es muy amplio y versátil y de hecho ha confesado que intenta colocarlas en un buen hogar. 


 Aquí una muestra de su trabajo, el cual realmente impresiona.


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Quoted from #carebearsmallanimalrescue ’s Facebook page: « BINXY 6-7 months - male This little boy is fierce, he was the first rat to become curious out of the 29 rat drop off, when his brothers and sisters cowered away, he was the first little guy to peep his head through and give me a little test nibble! Well, I am sadly not a treat, Binxy, but I promise to give you many treats as of now. Binxy is easily spotted due to his distinctive face pattern, he looks like a masked oreo but much more cuddly (lol) Shares history of Bjorn and Sir Chewz. » The tiny wings are homemade, as are all the accessories you can see on my pictures. This allows me to create accessories that rats can easily shake off, that are not constraining them, and that are the right size for them. These wings have been made out of paper, hot glue, glitter, acrylic paints, nail polish, metallic wire (shaped into some kind of « saddle » then wrapped with pipe cleaner so it’s more comfy for the rats). Want to get a sweet Christmas present for your animal lovers friends? You can get my book «Fancy Rats, Portraits and Stories », published by @amherstmediaphotobooks here: https://www.amazon.com/Fancy-Rats-Portraits-Diane-Ozdamar/dp/1682033708 Not only this will be a lovely gift with plenty cute pictures and stories inside, but you’ll also help the animals by buying the book! All raised funds will either be given to animal shelters, or (less often) used to buy supplies in order to offer free photo shootings to help animal shelters and foster families find good homes for their little protégés. #rat #rats #fancyrat #fancyrats #rodent #rodents #ratsofig #ratsofinstagram #pets #petrats #ratsaspets #charityshop #adoptdontshop #cuteanimals #cuterat #cuterats #adorable_animals #cuteness #adorable #fluffy #smallmammals #exoticpets #rattusnorvegicus #fantasticbeasts #badger #blazed #wings #purple #rescueanimals

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