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Puede aguantar la postura de la plancha por más de 8 horas

Acaba de obtener un Guinness Record

26 de febrero de 2020 10:00 am


A sus 62 años, este hombre demostró que está más fuerte que nunca. Recientemente, ganó el Guinness Record al estar más de ocho horas en la postura de plancha. 

Su nombre es George Hood y es un exmarine estadounidense que logró estar en la posición durante 8 horas, 15 minutos, 15 segundos. 

No es la primera vez que logra un reconocimiento de este tipo, según CNN, en el 2011 ya había logrado el Guinness Record por estar una hora y 20 minutos en la postura plancha.

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REFLECTION Re LP #6: On Saturday, Jan 18, 2020, I executed Long Plank (LP) #6 at 515 Fitness Incorporated, @515fitnessinc a Mental Health Counseling Facility in Plainfield, IL. I finished with a time of 8:05:15 which was the 6th time I've surpassed the current GWR of 8:01:00 since it was set in June 2016. This was the last "long plank" of 6 in a training cycle that has now prepared me for my last official attempt to reclaim the GWR for "the "longest male plank", on February 15, 2020 at the 515 facility. In addition to once again surpassing the current GWR, the effort showed an AHR/MHR of 101 and 120bpm respectively with 2,896 calories, of which 31% were "Fat Cals", expended. For the first time LP#6 revealed a slightly sustained higher heart rate for approximately 2 hours, 57 minutes over the course of the effort, which reflects a slightly more "aerobic" effort. LP#6 was clearly some of the best work put forth by the crew at 515Fitness and their leader, Niki Perry to sustain me for the duration of the effort under conditions that previoulsly were arduous and difficult for me. But the switch was finally flipped w/me and the resulting transformation got all of us to the coveted mark of 8:05:15! The much talked about GWR event on Feb 15h is a joint collaborative effort to raise funds and awareness for the mental health community on behalf of the Braidwood Area Healthy Community Coalition, (BAHCC), . This event will not only Break the Plank" but also "Break the Stigma" associated with mental health issues that are so prevalent in many of our neighborhoods and communities. With this training cycle behind me, I begin a very generous taper period to heal physically and emotionally from nearly 10 weeks with 6 long planks of 5:15:00, 6:20:00, 7:31:00, 7:15:00, 5:20:20 and 8:05:15 Thank you to all, near and far, who continue to support my crew and I as we prepare for the Feb 15th event. Training continues. #longestmaleplank #TeamHood #MindsetMatters #plank #georgehood #mentalhealrh

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En el año 2016 estaba listo para superarse así mismo, pero esa vez la competencia la ganó el chino Mao Weidong.

Buscando la revancha, Hood volvió este 2020 y logró su cometido. 

Confesó a CNN que parte de su entrenamiento es entrenar por siete horas diarias durante los 18 meses previos a la competencia.

“Son 4 o 5 horas al día en la postura de plancha. Luego hago 700 flexiones, 2.000 sentadillas en series de 100, 500 sentadillas. Para la parte superior del cuerpo y los brazos, hago aproximadamente 300 flexiones de brazos al día”, dijo a CNN.

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