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VISUALES: Universitaria escribe libro en Instagram

La joven escribe la historia foto a foto

19 de agosto de 2015 04:55 pm

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Caroline Calloway fue criticada en muchas ocasiones por sus publicaciones en Instagram.

Sin embargo, la estudiante de 23 años de Cambridge University, aprovechó cada post para elaborar lo que será su libro a publicarse en 2016.

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Según el Huffington Post, con más de 418 mil seguidores en la aplicación de fotos y vídeos, la joven comparte pequeñas historias regularmente teniendo como fin compartir la vida en Cambridge.

Mira algunos de los posts:


Welcome to Cambridge, Instagram! Welcome to college! People say these are the best #adventuregrams of your life and who’s to doubt them here in the sleepy medieval town of Cambridge? That’s right, you crazy fucks, I’m talking libraries. Castles. Accents. Knowledge. Boys and girls experimenting together… in chemistry labs. Students going to the ER…because they’re training to be doctors. Overdosing… on education. Semi-colons! Professors in tweed! It’s time to party like it’s Downton Abbey Seasons 1 through 4, and ain’t nothin—not even WWII or Lady Mary’s attitude problem—is going to rain on our instaparade. You see, I made you guys a promise many months ago that I’d take you to school with me in the New Year and I haven’t forgotten. Today begins an exciting new chapter of collegiate adventure sausage, one filled with Harry-Potter-like castles, Jane-Austen-like balls, and very mixed references to pop culture. Sometimes it’s glamorous; sometimes it’s not. Sometimes it’s 3 AM and I’m in a moo moo, taste-testing British candy bars. But no matter what, (looks straight into camera) Cambridge is always an adventure. So let’s forget Denmark. Let’s forget the Sicilian prince. Not forever, but definitely for now. We’ll pause that story and come back to it later—today is about keeping promises. So without further adieu, welcome to Cambridge, Instagram! Welcome to college! I got you daffodils and this giant Cambridge sign. I hope you have the happiest Monday ever. To Be Continued #adventuregrams

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